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New Album: VVON DOGMA I, The Kvlt of Glitch

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New Album: VVON DOGMA I, The Kvlt of Glitch

VVON DOGMA I, The Kvlt of Glitch…

Montreal, Canada’s VVON DOGMA I burst onto the scene with their debut EP “Communion” back in 2017, which received critical acclaim for its innovative sound and intricate instrumentation provided by nine-string bassist Chaoth, known for his playing in Unexpect. Now VVON DOGMA I is releasing another album “The Kvlt of Glitch”, poised to take things to the next level, pushing the boundaries of experimental rock and challenging listeners with their unconventional approach to music. The first single to be dropped is “One Eye”, on which Chaoth shares his thoughts:

“It is the first single even though it doesn’t necessarily represent the whole album. Sometimes you have to go with something different. It sounds more playful and not as serious than the rest of this dark-ass album and I guess the video shows that a little bit. I got to collaborate with my old friend Pierre-Olivier Forest for the video. Really just an excuse to reconnect with an old friend.”

Musically, Chaoth comes from a world where you have to dare to do something different, and “The Kvlt of Glitch” is exactly that. It will wrench the listener out of his or her comfort zone and send them into another dimension of deep synths and extraordinary riffs.

The writing process for VVON DOGMA I is mostly taken upon by Chaoth right now, but he is looking to have way more collaboration on the following releases. ”It starts with the music and then I apply lines from my lyric book”, but Chaoth says that sometimes the music forces you to change the words so that everything flows phonetically. It’s like a sonic Tetris where everything needs to fall into place and feel right.

“One Eye” is recommended for open-minded fans who enjoy avant-garde sounds and who already enjoy Sleep Token, Unprocessed, and Meshuggah.

“The Kvlt of Glitch” was produced by Chaoth along with Blaise Borboën-Léonard, Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy), and Dave Evangelista and is due out May 5, 2023.

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In addition to the album, Chaoth has launched bass lessons via his Patreon at 

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