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New Gear: Ratio “Helium 22” Bass Uke Machine Heads

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New Gear: Ratio “Helium 22” Bass Uke Machine Heads

Weighing in at an amazing 22 grams, Helium 22 machine heads were specially designed for Bass Ukuleles!

The patented tuning drive technology eliminates back-drive and backlash, plus its low 6:1 gear ratio makes tuning bass ukuleles equipped with nylon or silicone strings a lot easier to manage, (standard bass ratios 20:1 or 27:1). 

HeliumX 22 tuners deliver an incredible combination of strength, aesthetics, and lightness – all considered during the design process. Not only can they be fully disassembled for maintenance and customized to your own personal feel, but they are also 62% lighter than a typical “lite” bass tuner! That means improved tuning & balance and bass ukes can really be a viable instrument for bass players around the world.

“This is such a major improvement for bass ukuleles,” says Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech’s Head Honcho…  “the short scale and strings they use make tuning very difficult, the strings just don’t react to a 20:1 gear ratio… now, with a 6:1 gear ratio, they tune like a normal bass.” 

They are made to retro-fit most bass tuners currently installed on bass ukuleles. Better tuning and better balance.

Available: June 2023

Product:   RATIO “HeliumX 22” Bass machine heads

MSRP: $99.95 USD for a set of 4

For more info, visit online at

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