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Band Playthrough: Phaeton, Terra Australis From Between Two Worlds

Phaeton has been a noticeable force in the underground Canadian progressive metal scene since their debut self-titled album in 2018.

Phaeton has amassed a dedicated following for their instrumental attention-focused listening experience. One drenched in joy and wonder and the emotional, visceral release that only prog-metal can deliver. And the lack of lyrical interference only allows the listener the better opportunity to let their imaginations run wild with the music, drifting emotionally away on the solar winds to wherever they wish to soar. They recently released their second album “Between Two Worlds” and now fans can dig into the technical goodness with a playthrough video for the track “Terra Australis”. Bassist Ferdy Belland comments:

“The intro to this one always kills me, what with Kevin’s weird jazz chords trading off against the crunch chords and the tapping, and then the groove sets in the lead guitar gets to work. When the complicated melodies really get revving up, you can almost hear the tortured squeak of our helpless tendons as we desperately crawl our fretting fingers across the fretboard in pretzel patterns. There’s a slight reprieve where we bring it down and present you with another hummable melody, and then things just start getting ridiculous again and it’s Phull On Phaeton.”

The members of Phaeton are fascinated with astronomy, and the idea of life itself, in all its beauty and wonder and majesty, emerging from an instant of catastrophic cosmic violence intrigued us conceptually. This is reflected in their dramatic music which emerges from the void in thrilling bursts and unexpected turns.

Interplanetary instrumental heavy prog metal awaits with “Terra Australis”, which is recommended for fans of Gojira, Meshuggah, and Mastodon.

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