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New Gear: GENZLER AMPLIFICATION – NEW SERIES 2 Versions of Innovative BASS ARRAY Cabinets


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New Gear: GENZLER AMPLIFICATION – NEW SERIES 2 Versions of Innovative BASS ARRAY Cabinets

New Gear: GENZLER AMPLIFICATION – NEW SERIES 2 Versions of Innovative BASS ARRAY Cabinets

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION announces the NEW SERIES 2 versions of their entire line of innovative BASS ARRAY® bass cabinets.

Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of the original BASS ARRAY® cabinets, the new SERIES 2 builds upon all the past benefits of this one-of-a-kind bass cabinet design, and now features ALL NEW premium Italian-designed Neodymium loudspeakers for improved performance.

The new SERIES 2 models offer the same popular speaker configurations as the previous BASS ARRAY® line, but now include these enhancements:

  • Increased power handling
  • Broader frequency response, with more detail and mid-range definition
  • Extended top-end clarity
  • Overall lighter-weight cabinets

Since its inception several years ago, the Bass Array® concept has been widely accepted as a unique approach to bass guitar loudspeaker reproduction. This innovative design blends the benefits of a vented woofer bass reflex design, with the performance and pattern control of a neodymium driver line array column, with multiple 3” full-range speakers. Additionally, the placement of the line array in front of the woofers and combined with line array principles, the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern. This offers the most balanced projection possible across the performance stage and audience.

The benefits of combining both design elements in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player, offering:

  • Full, deep, low frequency response from the high efficiency ported woofers — doing what they do best and providing excellent support of the low B depth of 5 string instruments.
  • Smooth, seamless, clear, and articulate mid-range-to-high frequency transition across the audio spectrum.
  • Broad horizontal dispersion far exceeding conventional woofer/tweeter combinations. And now with these new enhancements, the new GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION, BASS ARRAY® SERIES 2 models continue to deliver the dynamic NEXT GENERATION of these remarkable and innovative bass cabinet designs.


  • BA2-112-3STR POWER RATING: 400W/8 OHM WT: 31 LBS
  • BA2-112-3SLT POWER RATING: 400W/8 OHM WT: 29 LBS
  • BA2-115-3SLT POWER RATING: 500W/8 OHM WT: 36 LBS
  • BA2-210-3STR POWER RATING: 600W/8 OHM WT: 34 LBS
  • BA2-210-3SLT POWER RATING: 600W/8 OHM WT: 33 LBS
  • BA2-410-3 POWER RATING: 1200W/4 OHM WT: 49 LBS

All models will become available throughout May and early June 2023.

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