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101 Basslines For Beginners

101 Basslines For Beginners

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101 Basslines For Beginners

101 Basslines For Beginners

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101 Basslines For Beginners is the sixth in a series of books written by UK bassist Marek Bero.

101 Basslines For Beginners Bass is part of the Gym books series and are written to help you develop your playing skills and understanding of theory simultaneously, whilst inspiring your creativity as well.

Marek shares…

“After 20 years playing of bass, I’ve realized that there are not that many books dedicated solely to basics of bass playing. Yes, there are plenty of books for beginners but usually, it’s just downsized material for already experienced players with unnecessary fillers like explanations of music notation, scales, etc.”

In 101 Basslines For Beginners, you will find everything that you need to know in order to become a solid and desirable bass player in the shortest time possible. In order to be able to produce a good sound on the bass, you need to understand its role and function in different musical styles, as well as master the basic playing techniques. Your tone, groove and taste in creating the basslines will have a significant effect on the music. Together with the drums, you form the backbone of the band: you are the driving force of the song and you create the necessary bridge between rhythm, harmony and melody.

101 Basslines For Beginners includes:

  • Essential basics – description of the instrument, how to hold it, buying your first bass & equipment
  • Navigating the fingerboard
  • Tuning the bass
  • Instrument setup
  • The function of the bass in music
  • Rhythm studies
  • Basic left & right-hand techniques
  • How to play better – 20 tips from professionals
  • Basslines – eight notes pulse, basic kick drum patterns, blues, shuffle, rock & metal, drop D, salsa & clave, funk & hip hop, bluegrass & country, reggae, ska & punk, walking bass 
  • How to create a solid bassline
  • Overview of major & minor chords
  • How to choose the right amp & cabinet
  • Complete guide to bass strings selection
  • How to record the bass
  • Sources for further studies

All of the exercises in 101 Basslines For Beginners include tablature and recommended fingerings. MP3 files are available to download from the Free Stuff page at the Bassline Publishing website.

101 Basslines For Beginners is available online at

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