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Rombo Picks Review: Striking the Perfect Chord Between Quality and Innovation

Rombo Picks Review: Striking the Perfect Chord Between Quality and Innovation

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Rombo Picks Review: Striking the Perfect Chord Between Quality and Innovation

Rombo Picks Review…

Disclaimer: Rombo Picks has generously provided us with a selection of their picks for review. However, we want to emphasize that our opinions and evaluations in this article are based solely on our honest and unbiased assessment of their gear. We value transparency and objectivity in our reviews, striving to provide our readers with accurate and reliable information. 

Introduction to Rombo Picks 

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Rombo Picks is a small, two-person business led by Carlos Diez Macia and Judith Heindorf. Their primary objective is to create guitar picks and accessories that achieve the perfect balance between grip, ergonomics, and functionality. 

Material Composition: A Harmonious Blend of Versatility and Durability 

The material used in the construction of a pick significantly affects its flexibility and tone, thereby influencing the overall playing experience. Rombo Picks have chosen a thermoplastic polymer, known for its high mechanical strength and versatility, as the foundation for their picks. This material, commonly used in aerospace and automobile industries, is sourced from Italy. Rombo Picks has worked closely with their material partner to achieve a delicate equilibrium between sound, comfort, aesthetics, and durability. Furthermore, the company offers an Eco-Black range of picks, crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials, demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Ergonomics and Design: A Melodic Symphony of Innovation 

Rombo Picks transcend the boundaries of conventional picks with their exceptional design and ergonomic features. These picks are carefully crafted to provide optimal comfort and grip, surpassing the slippery nature of traditional picks. With a diverse range of shapes and thicknesses, Rombo Picks offer a wide array of tonal possibilities. Some models are specifically tailored to deliver deep, resonant tones suitable for jazz, while others excel at providing the biting attack required for pop or rock performances. 

Noteworthy attention has been given to the bevels on each pick. These bevels are meticulously polished to a glossy finish, minimizing picking noise and ensuring effortless gliding across the strings. It is evident that Rombo Picks prioritizes even the smallest details, incorporating the glossy part of the pick seamlessly into the overall design rather than treating it as an afterthought. 

The Review: Strumming Through Ergonomics, Sound, and Function 

When evaluating Rombo Picks, we focused on three key aspects: ergonomics, sound, and function. Functionality encompasses the pick’s performance when playing the bass guitar. For instance, we considered picks that may be too thin, resulting in a sound lacking the necessary depth for bass guitar. 

The Diverse Models: Unveiling a Melodic Array 

Rombo Picks boasts an extensive collection of picks, each designed with specific applications in mind. To simplify our assessment, we divided the models into two main groups: those below 1.00mm and those above 1.00mm. 

Picks below 1.00mm are thinner and more flexible, providing a bright and crisp attack on the strings, ideal for precise note definition. However, they may not deliver the full-bodied, resonant sound required for certain styles. 

Rombo Picks offers a range of models in this category, including Origami, Classic, Prisma, Crisp, Mosaic, Shell, and Dune. While the Shell and Dune models may seem less comfortable at first glance, their wider bodies and well-crafted reliefs offer exceptional control over the pick, resulting in an improved control overall sound. 

On the other hand, picks above 1.00mm, such as Waves, Diamond, Horizon, Jade, and Erebus, are heavier and produce warmer tones with increased projection. 

Below is a list of the models we tested: 

From the Rombo Variety Pack: 

  • Origami: 0.75mm standard-shaped pick 
  • Waves: 1.25mm thick teardrop-shaped pick with a round tip 
  • Diamond: 2mm thick jazz-shaped pick 
  • Classic: 0.45mm standard-shaped pick 
  • Horizon: 1.4mm thick jazz-shaped pick 
  • Prisma: 0.8mm triangular-shaped pick 
  • Crisp: 1mm thick standard-shaped pick 
  • Jade: 2.3mm very thick teardrop-shaped pick 

From the Rombo Eco-Back range: 

  • Erebus: 2.15mm very thick pentagon-shaped pick 
  • Mosaic: 0.65mm jazz-shaped pick 
  • Shell: 0.95mm heptagon-shaped pick 
  • Dune: 0.7mm pentagon-shaped pick 

But Rombo picks are so much more than their specs. Each pick has it’s own character. Due to the way they are built with their own ergonomic reliefs, each pick provide a different feeling and each pick tend to favour a different playstyle and/or sound. 

Rombo Picks on Bass: Unveiling the Rhythmic Potential 

As a bassist, I personally gravitate toward heavier picks.

Among the Rombo Picks we tested, my favorites were the Waves, offering a smooth and warm attack with their round tip, and the Jade, delivering precise articulation and a substantial sound. 

Special mention goes to the Prisma model, a triangular pick with a tip on all edges, allowing for effortless rotation in the hand and maintaining a comfortable playing position, which proves invaluable during extended playing sessions. 

Additionally, the Erebus model stands out as a beast of a pick, boasting substantial size and weight, ideal for generating warm, deep, and resonant quarter notes. 

Conclusion: Strumming Towards Excellence 

In conclusion, Rombo Picks has undoubtedly impressed us with their unwavering commitment to crafting high-quality guitar picks that prioritize grip, ergonomics, and function. Their utilization of a thermoplastic polymer material, recognized for its mechanical strength and versatility, results in a harmonious blend of sound, comfort, aesthetics, and durability. Furthermore, their Eco-Black range showcases their dedication to sustainability through the use of 100% recycled materials. 

Overall, Rombo Picks stands as a reliable choice for bass guitarists seeking picks that combine exceptional design, ergonomic comfort, and impressive tonal capabilities. Whether you are a jazz enthusiast seeking deep, jazzy sounds or a rock bassist craving bite and definition, Rombo Picks offers a model to suit your needs. Their unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional playing experience, coupled with their thoughtful selection of materials, positions them among the top contenders in the guitar pick market. 

To learn more about Rombo Picks and order your own, visit their official website at

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