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UPDATE – New Album: Steve Di Giorgio + Jeroen Paul Thesseling, QUADVIUM

New Album: Steve Di Giorgio + Jeroen Paul Thesseling, QUADVIUM

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UPDATE – New Album: Steve Di Giorgio + Jeroen Paul Thesseling, QUADVIUM

Bassist Steve Di Giorgio + Jeroen Paul Thesseling, QUADVIUM…

UPDATE: QUADVIUM – Reveals Full Lineup:
Jennings Smith – guitar
Steve Di Giorgio – bass
Jeroen Paul Thesseling – bass
Yuma van Eekelen – drums

QUADVIUM – Featuring Fretless Bass Duo STEVE DI GIORGIO + JEROEN PAUL THESSELING – Return with Long-Awaited Debut Album!

QUADVIUM are set to begin production on long-awaited debut album from prominent fretless bass duo – Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, Death) and Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura, Pestilence)!

Currently, with all the necessary pieces in place, the quarted is refining and finalizing 7-8 songs, now that the final band member has not only joined the group, but has taken the reigns of composer phenom.

Long-awaited debut…?? Yes, the first news of the group’s existence went public in late ’19. After some new band member announcements which didn’t pan out, busy schedules and throw a pandemic in there… It took some overcoming those obstacles and perseverence to find the right pieces – both human and musical to finally be at the stages of early preproduction for the band’s first album.

Studio time for preliminary tracking is set for late August and the bass duo foresee an early ’24 release.

Furthermore, Steve and Jeroen shared:
“Next announcement will unveil the full lineup and more details of the process that has brought us to this point of being very proud and excited to deliver our hard work in the form of some pretty unique music!”

Keep a close watch for the QUADVIUM!

QUADVIUM line-up (in progress):
Steve Di Giorgio – bass
Jeroen Paul Thesseling – bass

More information on Quadvium visit online at

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