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Expanding the Fret Shield Range To Cover Bass

Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard

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Expanding the Fret Shield Range To Cover Bass

Expanding the Fret Shield Range To Cover Bass…

There is nothing like peace of mind while saving time and money. MusicNomad’s patent pending Fret Shield sets a new higher standard for total fretboard protection when fret polishing and fret leveling. Say “NO” to blue tape with their reusable design that goes on in seconds, fully protects without damaging the fretboard and lasts 100’s of fret jobs. 

Fret Shields by MusicNomad for guitars was successfully launched earlier this year, but today they have expanded the range to cover Bass Guitars with 34” Fret Scales up to 24 frets. 

Expanding the Fret Shield Range To Cover Bass

“For over a year, we worked closely with a handful of high-volume repair shops to design and test them”, says Rand Rognlien, CEO of Music Nomad.” They all appreciated how much time and money this saved their shop but most importantly the peace of mind that the fretboard would not be damaged during fretwork,” says Rognlien

Their high quality stainless steel is the perfect thickness at .008″ (.20mm), uses a precision manufacturing process free of burrs, and leaves all edges smooth and rounded. Their innovative formed drop-down edges allow the rubber bands they include to hold the Fret Shield in place securely and keep the bands below the top surface to avoid damaging them during the fret polishing and leveling process. Fret Shields come in the most popular Fret Scale sizes and even include a convenient hang hole. Whether your fretboard is finished maple or unfinished rosewood with inlays, your board will thank you for protecting it.

Fret Shields are available now online at

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