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Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass Review

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Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass Review

A review of the Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass…

First off, I love doing reviews, but this one in particular is going to be difficult! Why you ask? Well, it’s really hard to put a great bass down long enough to talk about it, especially the Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass. Spector, as far as I know, has always been known as the ultimate bass for rock, progressive, and metal bassists, and I am here to tell you, that it’s not just for that. I know this for a fact, because I used it at a few church gigs, on a classic country gig, and even at a fall festival playing non-other than, wait for it… polkas!!! The Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass is well rounded for any type of musical genre and the compliments were many. Matter of fact, I was told that I have to play the Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass at another gig for an event in December. Why? They heard it and I was told that is the bass they want for their performances.

I want to mention, that many bassists have strings that they like to use and prefer, and while it is quite uncommon for me to do this, only for my most recent church gig, I did change the strings to a lighter gauge, which I prefer. There were no needed changes that had to be made, either with intonation or neck adjustment. The strings that do come with the bass are nickel extra long scale, so if you are going to change strings, make sure you get the extra long scale.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of this review, first off is that it is a multi-scale bass. At first, I was a little concerned, but that went away immediately as soon as I started playing it. For myself, the multi-scale neck was instantaneous in getting used to, not even really noticing that it was multi-scale. Secondly, I set the EQ on my preamp and bass amp flat as it does the work for you. It has an exquisite preamp that is going to be hard to beat. Tones are abundant and I think you will find the many tones, even deep dark rich tones that you can get with the Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass to your liking. Gigging and recording with it has made it one of my top go-to basses.

Getting into the specifications of the Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass, it is a 3-piece maple neck-through construction with solid alder wings. The fretboard is ebony along with 24 frets, offset dots and the 12th fret Spector logo inlay with a scale of 34-37” and a graphite nut. The electronics consist of EMG 45DC Humbucker pickups, a Darkglass Tone Capsule preamp which consists of +-12dB @70Hz for Bass, +-12dB @500Hz for Mids, and +-12dB @2.8kHz for Hi Mids. Controls consist of Master Volume, Blend, Bass, Mid, and Hi Mid controls. The bridge is individual brass saddles and the tuners are Sealed Die-Cast. All of the hardware is black. It is available in 4 different finishes, White Sparkle Gloss, Gunmetal Gloss, Plum Crazy Gloss & Black Gloss. The bass also comes with a very nice and well-padded gig bag.

Check out the Spector NS Dimension HP 5 Bass at a Spector Music Retailer today near you or online at

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