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Alain Caron

Alain Caron

Canadian bassist Alain Caron's musical career began at the early age of 11 and he soon discovered the music which would become his life's passion - jazz. In the early 70s he moved to Montreal and started doing extensive studio work and played in every jazz club around town. The self-taught musician took correspondence courses, and eventually , journeyed south to attend Berkley College of Music. While in Boston, he was quickly introduced to some outstanding young musicians, co-students, as well as, seasoned well established professional jazzman. Soon performing nightly, in the Boston area, with David Kikovsky, Tom Harrell, Sal Nestico, Frank Tiberi, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Moses, to name a few. Opportunity knocked in 1977 when he met the Michel Cusson Group. Caron found himself in the company of like-minded musicians - who could appreciate jazz and its origins, as well as looking ahead to the future. They emerged in the early 1980s with Quebecois fusion group UZEB. Gradually the group evolved into a mature outfit, interested in intelligent fusion-impressive but always musical. By the time Noisy Night (Avant Garde, Nova Record in USA, 1988) and the outstanding swan song?, World Tour '90 (Cream Record, 1990) was released, it was clear UZEB had achieved great stature and respect amongst it's piers. Recognised by Down Beat magazine as one of the best electric jazz bands of the decade, the group received nine Felix Awards - Best Jazz Album (1983-84-86-87-90-91), Best Group (1984-89), and Most Recognised Artist Abroad (1990), a Gemini Award For Best Original Score (1989), a SOCAN Award, and the Oscar Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award (1991). With UZEB Alain, recorded ten albums and found himself on extended world tours. 1980-90 UZEB: ¨Live in Bracknell¨ (1981); ¨Fast Emotion¨ (1982); ¨You be Easy ¨(1984); ¨Between the Lines¨ (1985); ¨Live à l'Olympia¨ Paris(1986); ¨Absolutely Live¨ (1986); featuring Didier Lockwood, Noisy Nights (1988); ¨Live in Europe¨ (1988); ¨UZEB Club¨ (1989); ¨World Tour '90¨ (1990) Caron soon developed a reputation as a master electric bass player, a virtuoso on the 6-string bass guitar. Not surprisingly, as he became increasingly well known, Caron taught master classes in most of the world's major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Geneva, Frankfurt. In 1992, he produced the first of his numerous solo albums to date ¨Le Band¨. He quickly embarked on a tour of the States, Europe and Canada with the Mike Stern Trio. USA, Germany and France with the Leni Stern Band. Performed a series of concerts in Canada for the release of "Le Band. followed with a  European tour . Performed to a sellout audiences at the Spectrum de Montreal as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Concerts with the CARON-ECAY-LOCKWOOD trio in Europe, Canada, Korea and China. Following in 1995 with the release of ¨Rythym And Jazz¨, (American magazine Bass Player ranked Alain Caron fourth among its Top 10 bassists in 1996) ¨Play¨ was releasedin 1997, (Bass Player magazine ranked Alain Caron's "Play" one of the ten best bass albums of the decade.) ¨Call Me Al¨  followedin 2000. Along the way, recording numerous albums with friends, always maintaining his feverish touring pace. ¨His latest release, ¨5¨, makes no bones about Caron's inestimable talent on electric and acoustic bass, but this album is as much a showcase for Caron the writer and orchestrator as it is Caron the player.¨ (John Kellman. This album fully delves into Caron`s appreciation for Electronica. Incorporating slick loops, clubby, vibe-y textures to human sense and phenomenal performances. Caron has always managed to create his own sound. His use of the Roland V-bass processor on this record, to sound like a bass horn, proves him to be a richly lyrical player, where the space between the notes is of equal importance. There's an atmospheric quality to much of Caron's writing on this record. But equally, groove and chops predominates. ¨5¨ is the kind of album that makes the leader's instrument clear. Caron puts the music front and center. Visit Online:

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