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Paul McBride

Paul McBride

Paul McBride has been playing bass for 16+ years and brings a unique approach to the bass playing world with his own unique sound and style. Predominantly self-taught, you can hear the passionate identity within his playing throughout any musical endeavor. Whether it be performing, touring, studio work or instructional lessons, there is no stone left unturned stylistically. Paul’s progressive, forward-thinking mentality behind the bass gives him an original voice all his own that cannot be denied. Paul has toured in support of bands such as: Emmure, Fear Factory, My Bitter End, The Bloodline, Implosive Disgorgence & more! In 2014 Paul joined forces with fellow Miamian’s “The Killing Hours”, a titanic progressive metal force with their own set of outside-of-the-box ideals. Their newest album “I, Catharsis” was self-released in October 2015 to much critical acclaim. As a contributor to BMM Paul strives to make bass players and musicians of the like look at their instruments differently, and ignite a spark within the reader that may not have been foreseen otherwise. Paul McBride is an Official Spector artist and uses ONLY Spector basses.

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