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Ric Fierabracci | “Hemispheres”

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Ric Fierabracci | “Hemispheres”

Ric Fierabracci

I was anticipating this release from Fierabracci, having heard his name quite a bit and knowing his impressive resume spanning everything from Chick Corea to Yanni (and everything in between). This is everything you’d expect from such a seasoned (and under recognized, in my humble opinion) player. Well constructed compositions and A-list playing from bandmates Joel Rosenblatt and Phil Turcio. While the over-all sound is very “LA” (well produced, slick, flawless and palatable… God forbid!), the playing is truly inspiring (as well it should be, containing guest artists such as Dave Weckl, Bob Sheppard, Steve Taglione, Eric Marienthal & many other such heavy weights). This album very much fits in with the Dave Weckl Band, Chick’s Electric Band or the Yellowjackets and also very much holds it’s own in that company. I am just enamored with Ric’s soloing as well. Wonderful tone, very interesting lines and an overall musicality that can’t be challenged.

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