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Dave Holland | “Herbie Hancock – River: The Joni Letters”

Dave Holland

“Herbie Hancock – River: The Joni Letters”


There is a reason that the Album of the Year went to Herbie for this album.  It is lush and masterful.  Joni’s songs are well represented and given some beautiful treatment by Herbie, Vinnie, Lionel and… Dave Holland.Oh man, every time I hear Dave Holland, I just know that it’s exactly as it should be.  Such a wonderful player.  Few have the balance that Dave does…  Big full tone, nothing but the most musical of ideas, can navigate the trickiest of passages and make it sound so solid and true.  (Marc Johnson is another…  I can perceive nothing but the music when these masters play.  There is no thought, struggle or show-boating.  Just pure music).

Although, this album may be a tad on the mellow side for many, Joni’s music (she sings on one track as well!) is performed and arranged masterfully here and the music (and playing) is simply beautiful.

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