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Gerald Veasley | “Your Move”

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Gerald Veasley | “Your Move”

Gerald Veasley

“Your Move”“Your Move” is Gerald Veasley’s perfectly produced new album.  Although hailed as one of the more in-demand “contemporary” bassists on the scene today, we know that Gerald is much more.  Seven years playing with Joe Zawinul should be quite enough to show anyone that this dude can not only play but SPEAK with his instrument.  “Your Move” is very much a “contemporary jazz” album (aka: smooth jazz).  Although, not generally my thing musically, this CD is very cool to listen to.

Veasley really keeps me tuned in with his deep pocket and great melodic playing.  Upon a closer listen, I realized that these tunes were very hip and the playing very steeped in some very stanky funk tendancies…  The only thing that really makes it completely smooth is the production and tonal characteristics of the keyboard patches.  This is a very well written, performed and produced disc which, if you don’t mind the smooth edges, is a very rewarding listen.  Gerald always plays with feeling and I will always look forward to hearing this cat play!

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