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The Erskine Bass Perspective, Part 1: The Beginning of the Quest for Good Notes

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The Erskine Bass Perspective, Part 1: The Beginning of the Quest for Good Notes

Damian’s book proves to be another well thought out text on presenting the fundamentals for any player to consider. A commendable array of scales, modes, chords, and their inversions are covered in depth, and presented in a well thought out manner. A nice touch to an instructional aid such as this is presenting personal insight as far as applications of the material presented are concerned, to help take the reader a step closer to beginning to grasp an understanding of “how it all works”, (admittedly a “very” open subject) and this text exemplifies that well in it’s presentation. Add to that his discussion of chord connections and their applications, and chord shapes to enhance a visual perspective, and you’ve got the makings of a text well worth considering.

Included are a few transcriptions of Damian’s solos off his CD “Trios”, which after close examination shows how this approach he has presented certainly works well for him personally, as well as musically. This always helps give credence to considering any individuals personal presentation of what to spend your time on in the quest to becoming a more well rounded musician, and beginning to cut a path to discovering ones “voice” on the instrument.

Other transcriptions are also included to examine and dissect, which is a well founded tactic recommended by almost every schooled player, and helps complete this books legitimacy as far as being a credible option to check out.

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