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Fretboard Alchemy and Fretboard Arcanum by Scott Hubbell

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Fretboard Alchemy and Fretboard Arcanum by Scott Hubbell

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Fretboard Alchemy and Fretboard Arcanum by Scott Hubbell…

After conducting many interviews for the magazine, I admittedly have more or less a recurring question I try to get to with all of Fretboard Alchemy and Fretboard Arcanum by Scott Hubbellthese very accomplished players I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with. I’ve asked it in many ways, and it basically comes down to inquiring what avenues of study they have pursued that seemed to work for them, and if you’ve followed these interviews, you know that the answers are pretty diverse. So out of respect for that diversity, I present Scott Hubbell’s books as a very credible option to be considered.

There are basic fundamentals that would be wise to embrace when approaching or having a better grasp of your harmonic sensibilities (or fingerboard harmony if you will) as a player. Scott’s books cover these fundamentals in excellent detail. His coverage of scales, modes, inversions, chordal harmony, and a unique way of visualizing them on the fretboard are excellent building blocks to start you on the infamous quest of finding a voice.

An added bonus due to the abundant detail he has presented covering this information is that I can guarantee you some serious ear training as well if you’re capable of completing all the work he has presented. When we add that to the mix, it becomes a formidable package, and a viable option.

I recommend taking a look at these books, and I might also add that beyond my humble opinion, he also has the endorsement of a few of our staff members, and I feel that needs to be acknowledged and considered as well.



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