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Victor Wooten | “Palmystery”

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Victor Wooten | “Palmystery”

Victor Wooten

“Palmystery”www.victorwooten.comI have been a fan of Victor Wooten (like many of us) for years.  Ever since a fellow bass player at Berklee turned me onto him in college in about 93′.  I also own every thing he’s put out.  He’s one of those guys for me that, even if I’m not into EVERYTHING he does, I’ll always listen to him to see what he’s doing (cause’ there is ALWAYS something new in there).  I also went to his wonderful Bass Camp on 2001…  Basically, I KNOW Victor’s music and playing pretty well.  That all being said…

This is (in my humble opinion) the most exciting, musically interesting and significant CD he’s ever put out!  I absolutely LOVE this CD.

Any bass player should pick this up just for the unison line Vic plays with Mike Stern on the aptly named “Left, Right and Center”….  (to me, it sounds like Mike played a solo so wonderful that Victor decided to double the entire thing!  It’s fast, technically awe-inspiring, musical, perfectly played and incredibly LONG…  very fun).  There are many familiar voices on the album, too.  Richard Bona (singing and playing percussion), Mike Stern, Keb Mo’, Dennis Chambers, Derico Watson, JD Blair, Steve Bailey, Karl Denson and a slew of other expected participants (including Chuck Rainey with some vocal credits!).  I can’t say enough.  If you dig bass, if you dig Vic, if you dig very cool performances….  Get this album!

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