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Incognito | “Tales From the Beach”


“Tales From the Beach” 20 years, Incognito has endured as one of Britain’s most loved soul/R&B bands.  Not an easy task with so much good soul coming from that region but it’s easy to see why.  This album could’ve as easily come out of the 70’s…  well, with a few exceptions..  The production and sounds on here are amazing!  This is a VERY well done album with stellar performances.  If you are unfamiliar with Brit. soul, think Brand New Heavies meets Sade.  It’s a genre that has really flourished in the UK and Incognito has been at the helm leading the way with seriously funky grooves, soulful-as-it-gets vocals and very hip bass work.  This is not Sly or Clinton style funk, it’s much slicker and cleaner, but even die hard funksters will appreciate the underlying “booty-factor” underneath the smooth-as-silk vocals.  I always appreciate a REAL horn section, too and these guys are tight!This CD may be a tad slick for any hard-line greezy-funkster but anyone with a love of soul and the softer side of the one will surely love this CD.

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