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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Doug Wimbish | “CinemaSonics”

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Doug Wimbish

Of course many of us remember Doug Wimbish from Living Colour back in the day, but hopefully you are also aware of technologically innovative stylings of late and you have surely heard his work (wether you knew it or not) in recordings with artists ranging from Mos Def to the Rolling Stones.  In my opinion Doug’s music and bass playing have always been about vibe and groove and this album is a wonderful reflection of that.

Funky as he**, sprinkled with a dark rock vibe, but full of groove throughout.  I’m really enjoying this disc..  The voice is singularly Doug’s with a myriad of interesting and well recorded bass tones, tight grooves and interesting production.  An interesting listen for sure!

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