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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Dominique Di Piazza | “Princess Sita”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Dominique Di Piazza | “Princess Sita”

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Dominique Di Piazza
“Princess Sita”

Few have the mastery of their chosen instrument that Dominique Di Piazza has displayed throughout his career.  Even more important though, in my opinion, is how singular and distinguishable his voice on the bass is.  Add to that some absolutely beautiful writing and you have the makings of a timeless recording that should be inspiring many of us for years to come.

Sicilian in heritage, French in residency and raised by his Gypsy step-father, it becomes clear when listening to his music that his influences are vast.  I’ve always joked that Dominique is the best Gypsy guitarist I’ve ever heard but in a serious tone, I may also add that he is also one of the truly important electric-bassists of our time.  He is not only an innovator of bass technique (he uses a leather thumb pick on his thumb and has an astonishing 4 finger technique that affords him clarity, articulation and blazing speed) but also an innovator of an entire approach to the instrument.  Masterful harmonic concepts, awe inspiring technique and a sense of love and beauty is apparent in this music and is not a combination that comes along often.  Many times, technically challenging music is also challenging to listen to, but this is truly beautiful and interesting music.  A strong recommended listen for everyone here!

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