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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Miles From India | “A Celebration of the Music of Miles Davis”

Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine –

Miles From India

“A Celebration of the Music of Miles Davis”

This is really a truly interesting and wild ride!  And what an interesting concept..  Miles Davis alumni playing with master Indian musicians in the true spirit in the music.  Highly recommended (especially for any lovers of Miles’ music…  ie: most of us!).

The full cast of musicians is far too great to list here, but bass duties are covered by Ron Carter, Michael Henderson & Benny Reitveld (and are covered beautifully, I might add!).  It would be quite a task (and probably beyond my abilities) to truly translate the feeling and true nature of this presentation of the music, but it is truly masterful.  What a joy to hear such interesting and refreshingly new takes on the music we are so familiar with.  I just kept thinking, “Man…. Miles’ would have LOVED this!”.

From the tranquil float of “Kind of Blue” to the adventurous and hypnotic energy from “Bitches Brew”… the vibe, the music and (most importantly) the spirit is all contained here.  A must listen!

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