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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Aaron J. Johnson | “Songs of Our Fathers”

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Aaron J. Johnson
“Songs of Our Fathers”

When getting a little background to learn more about Aaron and this album, I was surprised to learn that this is a debut release!!  Man, it does NOT sound like one…  Aaron’s trombone playing is full of soul and swings hard!  His compositions are also very strong…  In the tradition and sound that reminded me more of New Orleans horn players…  VERY steeped in Blues and funk, but swinging through and through.  The band here is equally talented with bass duties covered by Robert Sabin.  I also love the way the album was mixed and mastered….  Lots of clarity but even more warmth..  I love albums that are mixed with lots of separation (so you can easily pick out and listen to any one aspect of the music) but also capture the real live sound of the instruments.  Well done in every respect Aaron!

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