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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Beaty Brothers Band | “Self Titled”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Beaty Brothers Band | “Self Titled”

Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine –

Beaty Brothers Band
“Self Titled”

Featuring Ari Hoenig on Drums, Jim Robertson on Bass and Yayoi Ikawa on Piano & the Beaty brothers (John and Joe playing Alto and Trombone respectively) have released what is quickly becoming one of my new favorite finds!

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of these two brothers from TX (now living in NYC) before last week, but I’m so glad this CD fell into my lap!  After reading their bio and researching them a little, I discovered that the two brothers have walked many miles down some very hard roads (substance abuse in the family and a rare heart disease that very nearly killed Joe more than once)..  This is more than a album of tunes by some guys trying to prove themselves or “make it” but rather has the intensity and emotionality of an album that was recognized as very possibly being their last together.  Joe has since been cured in a final (3rd) heart surgery just a few months ago and I wish these guys the best.  This music is evocative and full of some stellar playing and blowing.
The songs are slightly dark and definitely have that NY sound I talk about so much…  Which to me, means something like:

“Contains great horn harmonies, amazingly proficient and open drumming style and rock solid, funky foundational bass playing”..  or

“Stuff that makes you go “DANG!…  Did you hear that?”

It actually reminds me of Chris Tarry’s album “Almost Certainly Dreaming” to be honest (Which I loved.  See review in the archinves)..  Things are slightly angular and edgy and you can’t wait to hear where things are going to go..  Definitely worth checking out!!

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