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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Chris Tarry Group | “Live at the Birdsey”

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Chris Tarry Group
“Live at the Birdsey”

This CD is available ONLY through download on Chris’ website!
And my suggestion, you ask?  Buy it…

Comprised primarily of music from various CTG (Chris Tarry Group) releases, this is nonetheless a very fresh take on Chris’ music.  The band is a who’s who of the guys I love to listen to from NYC…

Henry Hey – Piano (you may know him from his band, “Rudder” with Keith Carlock)

Kelly Jefferson – Sax (KILLS it here…)

Pete McCann – Guitar (VERY interesting player)

Dan Weiss – Drums (Dan is pretty much THE hip guy to play with in NYC and for a VERY good reason…  He is supremely talented and has an intriguing sensibility.  Very musical and very left of center)

This CD was a live capture of a gig in Switzerland.  While the playing sounds live and is very interactive and in the moment, the recording is done VERY well… (ie: not a guy with a stereo mic from the back of the room recording, but a very well mixed and intentional presentation of the music).  You can tell these guys are having fun here (listen for inter band laughing and conversation!).  Chris’ tone is great here and he lays it down like the best of em’!

These are some of the best young guys making the NYC scene what it is and the playing is through the roof.  A whole-hearted 3 thumbs up!

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