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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Joe Zawinul @ the Zawinul Syndicate | “75”

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Joe Zawinul @ the Zawinul Syndicate

I couldn’t possibly write anything here that hasn’t been written before about Joe Zawinul or the Zawinul Syndicate but I can tell you that this album is just magical.  Recorded on Joe’s 75th birthday (two months before dying of cancer) at a festival in Lugano, Switzerland, this was to be the bands last multitrack recorded performance (also included is a beautiful duo performance by Joe and Wayne Shorter of In a Silent Way which was recorded in Hungary.  Sadly, a performance which would be Joe’s last).

Despite being in poor health, Joe and the band deliver in a big way.  The band sounds as good as I’ve ever heard and the performances are just awe inspiring.  The Syndicate are simply playing their respective a**es off here and in listening to this amazing double-live CD, I couldn’t help but feel like this recording was Joe’s final gift to the world.  Do yourself a favor, buy this set and listen to it…  over and over again.  It doesn’t get any better than these guys.  (and check out Linley Marthe’s bass solo on “Fast City / Two Lines”…  WHOOOOOoooo…)

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