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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Jon Burr | “Just Can’t Wait”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Jon Burr | “Just Can’t Wait”

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Jon Burr
“Just Can’t Wait”

This CD/Live DVD set is as elegant as they come.  Jon Burr’s music and playing just oozes class.  Having played with Tony Bennett for 5 years, Buddy Rich, Stephane Grappeli, Eartha Kitt, Rita Moreno and a host of others it’s no surprise that Jon is such a tasteful player.  All original compositions are featured here and the phrase that comes to mind is new-standards.  If Jon had been born 30 or 40 years earlier, there is little doubt in my mind that we would all be playing some of these tunes at jam sessions or as another flavor during the set.  In my mind, Jon really embodies an era that seems to be slipping away and I found it really refreshing to find such strong and passionate presentation of his music.  …and with class!  You just don’t see that many young players presenting their music in such an elegant setting.  Generally speaking, if guys around here are wearing a tie when they play, it means that someone is about to cut the cake or will be giving a presentation after the meal has been served.  I kind of miss the days when musicians would dress like they really cared about what was happening and in respect to the art (Like Les McCann said to me the before first time I played with him, “oh yeah…  make sure to show up looking like you give a _____!”).

Jon’s music may appeal to primarily a jazz crowd that prefers the standards to the more bombastic approach of many groups today, but I think there is a lot here for everyone who can appreciate a well crafted song expertly performed for you.  The LIve at Birdland DVD is well worth the price of admission if you can just relax and enjoy watching some good music.

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