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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Richie Goods (& Nuclear Fusion) | “Live at the Zinc Bar”

Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine –

Richie Goods (& Nuclear Fusion)
“Live at the Zinc Bar”

As I put in this CD, I pulled up Richie’s bio and began to read.  I was simultaneously hit with the words and sounds of The Headhunters.  While a relatively recent addition to the Headhunters, I can tell you that it’d be hard to find another who fits the bill quite so well.  His tone and style is all in respect to the groove.  Along with Headhunters drummer Mike Clark, Richie drives this album through some of the best psychedelic grooves I’ve heard since…  well, since the Headhunters!

I really dug the completely open and improvisatory approach to these tunes.  You will find some actual Headhunter tunes in here (“Sly” & “Palm Grease”) as well as fusion classics such as Wayne Shorter’s “Elegant People”) in addition to a few original tunes (all of which stand up!).

All in all, it’s really the Headhunters rhythm section having fun with the music they’re so familiar with in a slightly different setting (and adding a few of their own to spice it up).  But if you love the genre (as I do) and have pretty much worn out you’re other versions of these classics, I definitely recommend this fresh take on some favorites.  I’d love to see this band live…  They’re definitely bringing it!

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