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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Peter Deneff & Vik Momnjian | “Excursion”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Peter Deneff & Vik Momnjian | “Excursion”

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Peter Deneff & Vik Momnjian

I’m pretty amazed by this disc..  I had never heard of Vik Momjian until I got an email from Victor Little telling me that I had to check this guy out.  I’m very glad I did!!

Excursion is a blend of latin, middle eastern & Jazz.  In searching for a comparison for you, I can only think of Michel Camilo with Anthony Jackson and I believe that’s really only because I couldn’t help but be blown away by Vik in the same way that I’m blown away by Anthony’s playing.  Primarily, Vik has amazing time and placement of notes and displays sheer taste throughout everything that he plays.  The band is smoking and Vik’s playing is just a perfect fit here…  Holding down the groove in a way that’s never in the way of the music but still provides plenty of the “wow” factor for any bass players in the house (not so much because he’s blazing fast or playing all the right licks, but because everything is played precisely right and in precisely the right spot…).

I will say that the EQ of the mix is a tad on the modern and mid-rangey side for my taste but the music carries it’s weight and is definitely something worth checking out!

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