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Chris Potter Underground | “Ultrahang” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Chris Potter Underground | “Ultrahang” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine –

Chris Potter Underground

Wow…. Man, this CD is killing!

Featuring Nate Smith (drms), Adam Rogers (gtr) & Craig Taborn (keys) this music is angular, aggressive and feels like a NYC back-alley jazz nightmare (in the best of ways!). At first, you may find yourself amazed at both the ability of Chris to conceive of this music and the bands ability to play it with such ease (and make it groove)! Nate Smith does a wonderful job of making each track groove regardless of what craziness may be ensuing on top. Chris, Adam and Craig are just amazing to me here…. Melodically, compositionally and improvisational-ly speaking, these guys are the kings of NY and with good reason. There is a balance struck here between playing like the jazz masters they are and being extremely experimental (which may sound redundant, but I don’t find many jazz artists these days to stretch and push boundaries like these guys do). There are sonic textures at work that only truly reveal themselves after a few listens. Adam Rogers, in particular, really elevates this music and takes it to some wonderful places. Chris is truly a master and never ceases to amaze me with his playing and ability to conceptualize.

Any modern jazz lover should definitely give this a listen!

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