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Bass Musician Magazine’s Worldwide CD Review


Bass Musician Magazine’s Worldwide CD Review

Review by Raul Amador –

Thanks to all of you that have been submitting your CD’s to us for review!

From so many to choose from, here are a few of our favorites that we thought warranted bringing to your attention:

Greensleeves–The Elephant Truth
Ruby Bullet–Splitting Heirs
Anne Drummond–Like Water
Joe Barbarotta–Bass Neglience
Conrad Korsch–Live Love Leave
Spiral Trance–All in due time
Joel Frahm & Bruce Katz–Project A
Erik Applegate–Red Skies
3 Squares–Have we met
Peter White–Good Day

Simply click here to go to the Community (And if you are new to the Community, make sure to join first to gain access)

Once you are there, you can find that the CD’s are each listed as a topic. There will be a brief description of the CD and some direct input from the performer about the CD.

You can sample these CD’s on iTunes, CD Baby, or, purchase if you like and post a reply for the artist!

We need your help to review all the fine CD’s we get from you, our readership… Check it out!

Want to send your CD for review consideration? Click here for details.

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