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For the Love of Bass

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Joe Barbarotta

For the Love of Bass Guitar - Joe Barbarotta

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Joe Barbarotta…


Late sixties. I had been singing in school productions and with an acoustic folk trio. All my close friends were musicians. We used to hang in my friends’s basement, a psychedelic crash pad if there ever was one. One day I noticed a cheapo bass leaning against the wall in a corner. I picked it up and began plucking semi-musical riffs.

I took it home and began playing along to every record I had, mostly British blues bands. The cool thing was that my stereo was so bad you couldn’t hear the bass. So I was free to develop my own stuff.

When I got into Cream I could finally hear the bass. Jack Bruce became my teacher. Many moons later I progressed to extended range basses, upright, and writing my own tunes. What a ride!

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