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NYNDK | “The Hunting of the Snark”: Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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“The Hunting of the Snark”

NYNDK stands for NewYork, Netherlands, Denmark. This Trans-Atlantic music collective has achieved a balance between European cool and NYC aggression (and the result is VERY interesting). The first track “Cage” best exemplifies this cultural blending of styles, to my ears. Many of the remaining tracks are jazz perspectives on classical music, some very experimental in approach and some more straight forward. The end result, however, for me was an appreciation of the mastery that is obvious throughout the 14 tracks. Honestly, I may only listen to 3 or 4 of them OFTEN, but those 3 or 4 are worth it. The playing is stellar and the recording quality is as good as it gets. Although it strays from the path I hoped it would take occasionally, this is some great music!

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