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Hey Willis,
I just started to study your 3 finger technique because I think it will help me get past my issues with string skipping and general bassplaying. In the string crossing exercises, I noticed that when I play an A open string with the 1st finger and I mute it with the 2nd finger that’s laying on the D open string, my D string makes an almost inaudible sound because I lift the 2nd finger from it. (But I’m kinda neurotic about it though) I can’t figure out how to keep the D string Quiet. Should I worry so much about this or should I just ignore it ?

Hey Jose,
If you make a subtle adjustment to the trajectory of your 2nd and 3rd fingers as they move, you’ll be able to keep the D string quiet.
Check out the slight upwards direction the 2nd and 3rd fingers take before they start the movement to the next strings.
(the audio was kind of messed up from slowing down the frame rate so I added the woodwinds for some suspense)

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