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TuBe or not TuBe?

Hey Willis, I’m looking for a good direct box for recording projects (bass). I know that you use, or use to use, the Retrospec Juicebox. Before that I think you were using the Eden Navigator for a while. Both of them use a tube. Do feel this is of particular importance for you? What do you think your tracks would sound like if you used a high quality non-tube DI? I’m not sure whether or not to go the tube route.BTW heard there’s a new T.T. album in the making. Awesome!
Thanks, Lee Puckett

Hey Lee, Yep, we did basic tracking for a new TT CD earlier this month. With our different schedules and the distances, it’ll take a while to finish. We’re expecting to release it before the end of the year.

Actually, my last 3 CD’s were tracked with a “high quality non-tube DI” – Slaughterhouse 3, Actual Fiction and Shaman. Starting with Apogee’s Mini-Me, then the Apogee Ensemble and now I’m using the TC Studio Konnekt 48. I’ve always advocated recording with as little processing as possible so that you’re free to go back and manipulate the sound as needed. Once I moved to Europe I didn’t have an accurate way to evaluate the Juicebox going through a voltage converter so I decided to simplify. Now, with plugins, it’s possible to add subtle “warmth” type distortion only as needed but it’s never been central to the sound I’m going for.

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