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    The A.V. Club

    By July 12, 2010

    Hey Willis, I was wondering if you always play what you hear because it’s realiy difficult...

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    TuBe or not TuBe?

    By July 1, 2010

    Hey Willis, I’m looking for a good direct box for recording projects (bass). I know that...

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    What About Five?

    By June 29, 2010

    Hey Willis, I play a Fender four-string fretless jazz bass and like you I love the...

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    Make A Difference

    By June 27, 2010

    G’day Willis, I am enjoying your website heaps, thanks for sharing your wisdom. My question is...

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    Clean Getaway

    By May 27, 2010

    Meet Willis – Ask Willis a Question | Read More Q&A Hey Willis, I just started...

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    Ask Willis: Willis Takes on Your Questions

    By December 1, 2009

    Meet Willis – Hey Willis, I was in Vitoria and I saw your shows with Triphasic....

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    Willis Takes on Your Questions

    By April 1, 2008

    Hey Willis, Ok, so I have your fingerboard harmony book and I’ve seen some of your...

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    Willis Takes on Your Questions

    By February 1, 2008

    Hey Willis, I’m installing a ramp on one of my jazz basses to try it out....

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    Ask WIllis

    By August 1, 2007

    Meet Willis – Question… One question I have concerning the hands/bass setup relationship is, exactly how...




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