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Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Anthony Jackson Bassline on “What Cha Gonna Do For Me?”

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Click here to view the AJ Bass Part on What-Cha-Gonna-Do-For-Me

This is the title track to Ms. Khan’s third solo album on Warner Bros. Anthony Jackson described this recoding as being the peak of his playing ability up until that point. He says that he could hear a mature, definitive style that was uniquely his own. I completely agree. Released in 1980, it also marked the end of an era for studio musicians. The drum machine and synth bass were both coming on strong. The days of indulging even the best studio players were coming to a close. Anthony Jackson’s playing is just brilliant and I strongly suggest all of you would be pop bassists get this recording and listen to the masterclass that Anthony Jackson gives you on every track.

Special thanks to Steve Glasgow.

Click here to view the AJ Bass Part on What-Cha-Gonna-Do-For-Me

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