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“Save the Planet” by Tohpati Ethnomission

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“Save the Planet” by Tohpati Ethnomission

Review by Raul Amador –

I have always believed that music is the universal language. When I listened to the CD, “Save the Planet” by Tohpati Ethnomission for the first time, I got the impression that I could really understand what this five-man, powerhouse of an Indonesian band was trying to say. The sheer energy you feel through this CD is nothing short of amazing!

The exciting fusion/progressive rock the band plays seems fitting of a Cirque du Soleil performance. I have attended quite a few Cirque shows and I have always found the music to set the tone for act unfolding in front of me. This music could be the “Soundtrack” for such a show! (By the way…. watch for something really cool from us related to Cirque du Soleil in the near future!) Intricate, complex, calculated and precise tunes found here would be perfect to support a troupe of acrobats or daring aerialists.

The Bass work from Indro Hardjodikoro is spot on and very strong in the midst of an impressive percussion backdrop. These five young guys sound more like fifteen. This group is way intense!

There is a marked Indonesian flair to some of the tracks that treat us to musical choices that wouldn’t be made on my side of the planet. There was just enough of this specific geographic color that it simply made me want to hear more.

Let’s look at some of the Highlights:

“Selamatkan Bumi” (Save the Planet) is so energizing that is should inspire us all to go out and do our part. The upbeat tempo made my morning commute feel like I was embarking on a grand adventure.

“Ethno Funk” is some definite funk done up with some Indonesian style. This piece fuses two totally different genres from a world apart!

“Hutan Hujan”(Rain Forest) paints a vivid picture of the lush surroundings you might expect to find in Indonesia. The busy activity and sheer life felt in the forest come to life in your minds eye.

All the music on this CD was composed and arranged by the very talented guitarist Tohpati and is quite impressive. Each track is a masterpiece in it’s own right and is very promising of great things to come from this still very young musician.

If you haven’t explored “World Music” just yet, this CD might be a good starting point so that you may discover just how much we have in common with our fellow musicians around the globe.

The message from our brothers in music is clear… Save the Planet!

Check it out!

“Save the Planet” by Tohpati Ethnomission available at

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