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Interview with Cirque Du Soleil Bassist for Kurios, Marc Sohier

Interview with Cirque Du Soleil Bassist for Kurios, Marc Sohier

I caught up with Marc Sohier, Bassist and Band Leader for Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios…

When I think about it, I believe I am well on my way to being a serious collector of Cirque du Soleil experiences!

The amazing thing is that I have not left a performance where I have not been seriously blown away! The sheer amount of incredible imagination that goes into the formulation of each unique show is mind boggling.  There are creative, colorful, functional costumes that fit precisely into the specific theme of the performance. The physically fit, athletically perfect, fearless cast brings death-defying circus acts to life and the audience to the edge of their seats.

There is a generous amount humor and fun that transcend languages and cultures in every show.

Now that you have an idea what too expect from Cirque du Soleil, let me introduce you to bassist and band leader, Marc Sohier, from Kurios, Cabinet of Curiosities.

This interview will give you insight into Marc’s bass journey and the details of the music behind the show. In addition I have included a few tasty samples of the show to give you an idea what we are discussing and most likely make you get up and see this show when it is in a town near you.

Mesdames et Messieurs, garçons et filles, c’est avec grand plaisir que je vous présente Marc Sohier de Kurios, Cabinet de Curiosités!

And more about the music…

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