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Video Interview with Derek Jones on the Making of Run With Me

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Video Interview with Derek Jones on the Making of Run With Me

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We have been following bassist Derek Jones for years.

Bass Musician Magazine had the special opportunity to sit in the pit and video Derek while he wielded his bass magic during the show KA, Cirque do Soleil’s amazing show at the MGM grand in Las Vegas. [VIEW VIDEO]

After listening to Derek’s new release, “Run With Me,”  we obtained this exclusive interview to get the inside scoop about this superb musical creation. Derek is one of those versatile players who is as comfortable with his upright bass as he is wielding an electric; on this album he played upright for the whole project. This is one of the clearest upright recordings I have heard and this allows us to hear just how badass Derek plays.

Of course you should really listen to the entirety of this CD to fully appreciate its merits… but let me tease you with a couple of my favorites.

As a small child, I listened to the soundtrack from the musical “Oklahoma” on my little record player. “Surrey with the Fringe on Top” was one my favorite tunes and this rendition is exquisite in both it’s conceptual simplicity and intricate musicianship by the performers.

I was a Paul Simon fan and really liked “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover.” In this track we have a very cool mash-up of that tune and “Get Down On It” rendering “50 Ways To Get Down On It.” The sultry result is unique and simply works perfectly.

You really need to check out the rest of this recording for yourself!

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