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“Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1” by Gary Husband

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“Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1” by Gary Husband

CD Review by Raul Amador –

Let’s face it, making a CD that is entirely instrumental now days is a crap-shoot when it comes to public appeal and success. More often that not, the project is great fun for the musicians but sails way over the head of the common listener.

Contrary to this statement, “Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1” by Gary Husband is a great CD for all! There is something that will reach everyone out there.

We are served up a real smorgasbord of tunes. Excellent musicians flavor this up for some real variety! We get a mix of original compositions and re-imagined classics.

Drummer Gary Husband has coordinated a collaborative effort of numerous musicians for this project. Five of these players are on bass (not all at once). The line up… Jimmy Johnson, Mark King, Lawrence Cottle, Livinston Brown and Steve Price.

There is an abundance of electric guitar work in all of these cuts. I was reminded of more classic rock sounds from the sixties through out the CD all though it is listed under Jazz/Rock.

Presenting many (twelve to be exact) tunes allows us a greater range of selections to explore. I found myself going back to try to find my favorite. Each of these tunes is so distinctive that if you want to find out what they are about, you will simply have to sample them for your self!

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