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The Funky Bass Book

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The Funky Bass Book

The Funky Bass Book… Do you remember when one of the major television networks was hyping the re-runs they were showing with a, “If you haven’t see it, it’s new to you” motto? Well, they were kind of right. You can enjoy something you didn’t see when it first came out as much as you would have if you had caught it the first time around. I didn’t mind watching three seasons of “Californication” on demand well after everyone else had seen them!

Take that concept and apply it to the re-packaging, re-hashing and re-formatting of old content and interviews of the icons of Funk from years of past issues of “Bass Player” Magazine. Ask Bootsy Collins to write the Intro. Get Bill Leigh to edit the whole shebang, remove all the ads and put it all under one cover and you have this book.

In part one, we are taken back to “The Funky Founders” which include James Jamerson, George Porter, Chuck Rainey, Bob Babbitt, Larry Graham and many others.

Part two carries us to “Funk Bass Flourishes”. Here we get to meet Rocco Prestia, Verdine White, Prince, The Bassists of Philly Sound, The Bassists of P-Funk and more.

Lastly we are introduced to “Modern Funk” with the main players being Anthony Jackson, Marcus Miler and Victor Wooten. Here we are also presented with “Funk Meets Rock”, “Funky gospel” “Hip Hop” and “Neo- Soul”.

So, here is the Lowdown. If you have been subscribed since 1989 when “Bass Player” was founded, you probably have already read all this material. If you haven’t been and you are interested in knowing about Funk, then there is a real wealth of good information for you here!

I enjoyed learning more about some of my favorite Bass legends and I am sure you will too!

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