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Rufus Reid, Hues of a Different Blue

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Rufus Reid, Hues of a Different Blue

Rufus Reid, Hues of a Different Blue… Rufus Reid has been nothing less than a household name in Jazz history for quite some time now. His book “The Evolving Bassist” is still a mainstay in Jazz education, and he continues to be active in that arena right up to present day. His bibliography is a virtual who’s who in the Jazz world, sporting such names as Bill Evans, Sonny Stitt, Stan Getz, and Dizzy Gillespie to name just a few.

His latest outing, Hues of a Different Blue, continues his legacy as one of the most important voices on upright to date. Along with Steve Allee on piano and Duduka Da Fonseca on drums (The Out Front Trio) along with a few special guests such as Bobby Watson and Toninho Horta, he has created a musically diverse and compositionally rich collection of tunes that will leave any listener captivated. His unquestioned authoritative approach on his instrument reminds us why he is still alive and well in the industry, and his improve is always great to experience.

Rufus also displays his compositional prowess on this effort, contributing numerous tracks in multiple settings. His notoriety as composer has also opening up the door for the presentation of his three-movement contemporary piece Mass Transit which took place in Southern California.

Great compositions, great playing, and musical diversity sum up this latest offering by Rufus, and it deserves everyone’s attention…I recommend it.

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