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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Rufus Reid | “Out Front”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Rufus Reid | “Out Front”

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Rufus Reid
“Out Front”

Rufus is a living legend and there is none more deserving of his stature in the jazz community. His impeccable tone, time, taste and personality brings whatever music he is playing to another level. Rufus takes a step “out front” here both as a composer and as a band leader, although his role in the band remains the same… that of the most musical of anchors. Sharing writing credits with his band-mates drummer Duduka Da Fonseca and pianist Steve Allee, all of the music contained here reflects a buoyant enthusiasm and playfulness. You can really tell these guys love playing with each other.

Although more straight ahead in nature than my usual listening choices, the musicianship on the CD really captivated me and held my attention. Rufus is a master. I found myself closing my eyes and riding on his notes and grooves mentally. There is nothing but pure and unfiltered musicality coming from his bass work and we’d all do well to sit back and listen to the master.

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