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Veritas by Alex Skolnick Trio

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Veritas by Alex Skolnick Trio

Veritas by the Alex Skolnick Trio, is a solid CD featuring Nathan Peck on bass, Matt Zebroski on drums and Alex on guitar. Nine out of the eleven tracks on this CD are original compositions and there are some nice bass parts.

Lets explore some of my favorite tracks.

“Bollywood Jam” has an exotic sounding, driving attack that makes you want to curl your lip while you listen. I really like the feel of Indian music with an attitude! The instruments weave together in a braid of musicality and urgency. Very cool!

“Song of the Open Road “ takes us out onto the road opening with harmonics and leading us a winding distance away. I imagine the drum beat matches the white lines going by in the middle of the road while I listen. Keep an ear out for some nice soloing from Nathan here.

“Fade to Black” is a cover of a Metallica tune. Recognizable yet different, this cut has lots of unique characteristics. Less acoustic guitar, more bass soloing and no lyrics complimented by a cleaner, jazz guitar voice.

“Alone in Brooklyn” shows us Alex’s acoustic guitar work with the upright Bow works laying down the low end. This piece has a melancholy theme that conveys the loneliness one can feel even while surrounded by so many in NYC. I would listen to this while looking upon the city form a rooftop.

“99/09” brings us some funky strutting music. Interesting changes marked by some really tight syncopated drum work make this cut fun. I really like the bass work we get from Nathan in this one.

Looking for some cool Jazz trio music? Check this one out!

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