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Rebirth by Alberto Rigoni

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Rebirth by Alberto Rigoni

I have followed Alberto Rigoni, an Italian Bass player, for some years now, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review his most recent CD, “Rebirth”, which also features some of today’s top Bass players, Yves Carbonne and Michael Manring.

Alberto has always been a very strong bass musician with high energy, precision phrasing and an emotionally charged performance quality.

As if that wasn’t enough, Alberto has recruited the likes of Yves Carbonne and Michael Manring to support him on some of his tracks! All of the songs presented were written and produced by Alberto himself and he mixes it up with well thought out variety.

The first harmonious bars of his first track, “Free” clues us into the treat to follow. Clear bass and a masterful series of changes in tempo and feel give us a complete a musical story without words; There is a nice rock feel to this tune.

“The Story of Man” is our first opportunity to hear Michael Manring put his voice and feel to one of Alberto’s tunes. I have always been a huge fan of Michaels and his performance here is flawless. This amazing musician plays at a level many of us aspire; If you ever get a chance to see him perform, do so! This track brings all three bassists into the fold in one tune. I can only imagine how fun it must have been to record this music. I can tell that they played off one another and wove a tapestry of musical expression. I found myself listening for the fine details in the music and feeling the uniqueness of each contributor.

“A New Soul” is another lovey piece that showcases Michael Manring’s unique sound that he achieves from his Zon bass and an E-bow. There is a feel of home and well being that comes across throughout the entire piece. I was very relaxed by the whole thing! Alberto compliments Michael with arpeggios and his own solo riffs.

Alberto included a little something for the “Prog-Rockers” out there with “Emptiness” and “With all my Forces” where Jonas Erixon does the vocals. It has always been interesting to me that “Rock” lyrics always are in English, no matter where the group is from. I get a kind of ‘Bon Jovi’ feel from these tracks. Nice work from Gavin Harrison on drums and Simone Mularoni on guitar.

The final track “White Shine” has a classical feel while the Bass intertwines its part with the piano. This one is short but sweet.

I admire Alberto Rigoni as a musician and artist, and he has done a stellar job coordinating both in, “Rebirth”; Definitely worth listening to.

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