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The Life Electric by P.W.Farrell

The first few bars of The Life Electric by P.W. Farrell (aka Patrick Farrell) immediately got my attention. This up-and-coming bassist from Australia is a talent to keep an eye on!

P.W.’s debut CD is entirely made up of original compositions. His music displays a cutting edge mixture of precise, machine-gun fast staccato licks blended with harmonic groove. There is a fair amount of electronic sampling and even some recognizable sound bits for history buffs.

The opening track titled “Confidence” demonstrates that P.W. is very much aware of his advanced skills. Tight bass work intertwined with trumpet and liberally mixed in electronica makes this track really come to life!

“Driving home” features vocals from Daniel McGahan whose voice reminds me of Seal. The bass nicely compliments McGahan’s singing both in a percussive and harmonious manner.

“Irish Sons” is entirely a solo bass tune. Exquisite tone and musicality makes this tune stand out on it’s own. The listener is treated to a one-on-one song kind of like a private concert. The track “Barcaldine” is another solo piece with an entirely different approach; Funk and harmonics demonstrate the full range of P.W’s “voice”

“Inspiration” opens with what I think is a didgeridoo and takes us though a journey of exotic sounds paced with a syncopated beat and a variety of feels. There are some really nice bass runs that put a nice finishing touch on this cut.

“Jester in the Rain” features P.W’s own vocals along with some very nice guitar work by Carl Morgan. I enjoyed the upbeat shuffle feel and the way the progression increases in intensity.

This debut CD reveals the wide spectrum of P.W. Farrell’s musicianship. There are a nice variety of musical styles and everyone can find something they can sink their teeth into.

I look forward to hearing more of this promising performers work in the near future.

Well done!

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