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Stories From Home by Bernard Lackner

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Stories From Home by Bernard Lackner


After spending some time working my plucking hand with Austrian born Bernhard Lackner’s book, I was eager to hear Bernard perform on his new CD Stories from Home.

Produced by both Bernhard Lackner and Adam Nitti, we get to experience some first class Fusion featuring Bernhard on his six string bass and a talented selection of musicians out of Nashville.

“Hollywood” starts the adventure with an energetic, upbeat attack. There is a tightly woven fabric of percussion and melody. The Bass lays down a respectable groove and the rest of the band really struts its’ stuff! The sax and piano work here is quite notable and make sure you pay attention to the end of the tune where the drummer tears it up!

Bernard cools things down a notch with “The Tribute”. The bass sets the tempo and feel and the rest just falls into place. The relaxing flow takes you along for a smooth yet complex ride. There is a lot of attention to detail here.

“That Time of Year” reaches into a place of nostalgia and sentiment. There is a growing progression throughout that leads to gentle bass soloing. Bernard has a solid mastery of his instrument and here we can hear it in his performance in this piece.

“Home” is a prime example of the depth and feeling that a bass can express. This cut is all bass by itself and is short but sweet! I totally get what Bernard feels about his home.

“European Summer” had got a cool time signature and calculated complexity in its’ percussion. Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez lays down some serious drum work here; there is a syncopated uniqueness that I like. Watch for the changes that take place as the piece evolves.

All said, If Fusion/Jazz and bass is your thing, this CD is a great choice for you!

Nice job Bernhard and fellow musicians!

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