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Anonymous by Alex Bershadsky

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Anonymous by Alex Bershadsky

The moment I got Alex Bershadsky’s “Anonymous in my hands, I instantly remember how much I had enjoyed his previous CD “Junk” reviewed in the October 2007 issue of Bass Musician Magazine….  So, you can imagine my high expectations for this fine piece of musical artistry, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Anonymous” is a prime example of highly refined, energetic, precisely performed Jazz/Fusion. Alex’s selection of collaborating musicians is perfect as they mesh seamlessly.

Players Include:

Alex Bershadsky – Bass & Vocals

Eugene Maslov – Piano

Shlomi Cohen – Saxophone

Ian Freitor – Keyboards

Justin Mulliens -Trumpet

Eran Asias- Drums & Percussion

Gal Gershovsky- Drums (tracks 3&6)

The attention to musical detail is impeccable. Most of the tracks were written by Alex himself with one traditional piece and even a Nirvana standard. Throughout the tracks, Alex lays down a serious groove but often cuts loose and shows us what makes him one of the very few extraordinary bass soloists around; intricate finger work combined with controlled speed and precision are second to none.

The opening track “Why Don’t You Come and See Me” sets the tone with a funky, complex groove. The sax weaves around the drums and bass with a piano foundation but as the piece progresses everybody gets their chance to strut their stuff on this cut.  This piece is very tight!

Song for Emily” slows things down to a smooth Samba beat. The drums go with an interesting, untraditional tempo that really works on this tune. We are treated to more serious solo work from Alex here.

Falling Angels” has an amazing Bass line that you just have to hear for yourself.

Ma’oz Tzur” brings us a haunting tune with Alex playing by himself. There is a nice use of harmonics and exquisite fretless work using some well-timed looping that draws your attention to this piece.

Smells like Teen Spirit” takes a recognizable tune and converts it into a whole new piece;  take the melody, change the tempo and the feel then sandwich some very expressive playing and you have a whole different ball game.

I have been a fan of Alex Bershadsky’s work since I first heard it. Check out “Anonymous”, you will quickly become a fan too!

Anonymous by Alex Bershadsky available at and iTunes

Visit Alex online at

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