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Bass Aerobics by Jon Liebman

Bass Aerobics by Jon Liebman

Bass Aerobics by Jon Liebman… This is an excellent manuscript. It has always been my contention that quote-unquote technique work/exercises should be a 2 for 1 endeavor. First, it should consist of exercises that are thought out well enough to challenge our physical capabilities. Secondly, it should be structured so you’re not only challenging those capabilities in an effort to gain better control of the musical statements you’re pursuing but harmonically LEARNING something as well while in that mode. Liebman has more than successfully covered both of these dynamics in Bass Aerobics, and has served up extremely viable content in the process. The play-along CD is a nice touch as well.

I have to add that after looking over the content a little more closely, this is nothing short of some relatively serious ear training as well if someone puts all the work in on what he’s presented. Better technique extended relevant harmonic knowledge, and a bit of ear training as well…guess that makes it a 3 for 1. Highly recommended!


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