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Cee Lo Green – Forget You Bass Transcription by Andreas Farmakalidis

In this issue, I am transcribing a very fun tune. You can say that “Forget You” combines a ’60s Motown sunny vibe with invective “Eminem style” lyrics and language. This strange combination fits the singer’s high vocals and out of the ordinary sense of humor. The twinkling piano line, the steady bass line, and solid percussion are backing Cee Lo Green, while he heatedly expresses his frustration over a failed relationship, blaming things on his inability to afford his ex-girlfriend’s material desires.

The single “Forget You”, and/or “FU”, for clean versions by American recording artist Cee Lo Green, was released on August 19, 2010 as the first single from his third studio album the Lady Killer.

It seems easy to play it, however, do not be tricked. It is quite challenging to be performed at the exact tempo, with the right sound and note fluidity, especially the bridge.


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